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Build your dreams on hard ground, but don't bother digging a massive hole just to fill it all up again with concrete. Save time, reduce mess and cut the costs of your footings.

  • Fast installation, 1 day only

  • Numerical proof of integrity

  • Solutions to all the common on-site obstacles

  • 25 year warranties for our products

  • Building control certificated

  • Free consultancy services

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Technical documentation detailing the specification of the products.


Pictures of the projects we have undertaken and completed.


Manuals and guides to show you how we get it done right, first time, every time.





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These are recounts of real feedback from
our customers about the products and services we provided them.

The conservatory is now up. It took 3 days from start to finish. Ordering was simple and we are grateful for suggestions made both during the design stage, survey and install. Lead times from ordering to complete install were very short so our conservatory is up ready for summer.

the roof system is very good it slots together very well i like the air flow vent in the pods i also like it being in timber i never could get on with metal, i've got no condensation. The first one is always a learner the next one you would sail through it and the tiles look great I am very pleased with the whole job thanks Andy for telling me it was the best way to go otherwise i would never have known about it thanks again.

The advice regarding the solar control glass has proved to be priceless . While we were able to sit in our conservatory throughout the summer smonths, our neighbours warehouseunable to use heirs until the sun had gone down. The thermal glass in the windows has meant heating the conservatory in the cold snaps has not broken the bank.