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survey load testing

Prior to any works, we will send a site surveyor to measure all of the relevant details for your installation, this way you can know for sure if what you have planned will work, before forking out for the whole project. At Ground Screw Pro, we offer comprehensive ground screw foundation testing to ensure your building's structural integrity, which is far cry from historic guarantees from builders where the best you could get was the man on sites word.

What screw do we use? Full product guides can be found in downloads, under the pages tab.

Our experienced professionals have all been extensively trained and use methods approved by UK building control. We use the latest technology and equipment to provide accurate results, as precision is key when building the foundations for constructions worth thousands of pounds.

survey load testing

If you're interested in becoming familiar with the process, you can find a testing guide in our technical downloads, or pick up the phone and talk to us about it to learn how we can help you.